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Most Snails On The Face

Have you ever had a snail ooze across your face?
I haven't, but I did once have three slugs in my hair: such are the perils of camping, the sport of sleeping in a leaking tent and noisily urinating into a bucket.

Of course, it would be quite wrong to blame the creatures for their trespass. It must be very easy to mistake a human face for a mound of dung when you haven't any eyes. Snails and slugs must sense their way around the world by means of primitive telepathy, much like comic book daredevil Daredevil, except not a lawyer.

But blameworthy or not, the experience of having a slimy blob inch itself along a body part is not one that any sane person would want to induce on purpose.
No sane person... except Kevin Tardrum!

For on the morning of July 15th 2003, Kevin Tardrum placed 52 snails on his face, lay back and was awarded the WOW for the most snails on the face!

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