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First Tennis Computer Game

An exciting screenshot from International 3D Tennis, showing some kind of action. Goal!

For as long as computers existed, so too have games. Indeed, some of the very first computer programs were themselves games!

The first 'home computer', the BBC Micro, was originally developed to run home accounting programs and create graphs.
But people soon discovered that, by modifying the VAT rate, they could create exciting games!

This is exactly the way in which the now legendary game 'Double Dragon 2' was created. Within weeks, it became a massive hit: so massive that it was turned into a film starring Robert Patrick, aka the Terminator.

But Double Dragon 2 was not a sports game.

Sports games were only made possible after the invention of polygons. For sports games are not compatible with 2D graphics!

The first tennis computer game was International 3D Tennis on the Amstrad CPC 464.
You controlled a bundle of wonky sticks and the aim of the game was to slide your sticks across the screen faster than your enemy's stick-bundle!

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