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First Successful Time Capsule

A time capsule, far from being an exciting, paradox-creating technological marvel, is in fact a box with some rubbish stuffed inside it.

The idea is that, in several thousand years, the human race will have forgotten what life in the 20th and 21st centuries was like, and will be eager to receive gifts from the past: gifts such as empty crisp packets, and recordings of Thomas Edison breathing heavily.

This idea is, of course, wrong. In several thousand years humanity will have evolved into super-powered mutants and will be far too busy flying around the galaxy to care about the lives of their obese ancestors.

Not that this matters, since many time capsules have already been created, buried and forgotten about. In fact, there are now more than 214 time capsules buried around the world!

The first of these to be a success (that is, to be designed with serious long-term preservation in mind) is the impressively titled Crypt of Civilization, which in reality is the janitor's closet in Oglethorpe University, USA.
Among some of the treasures contained in the crypt are a dusty jar, a mop, and the crossing patrol lollipop sign.

It is scheduled to be opened in 2061!


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