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Most Downloads In 24 Hours

Can you remember what the last thing was that you downloaded?

Was it a video clip of a man singing?
Maybe it was the sound of a man singing.
Perhaps... just perhaps, it was an image of a man singing.
Or maybe it was just good old hardcore pornography.

Whatever it is that you think was the last thing you downloaded, you're wrong!.
For the last thing you downloaded was this WOW!

Yes, such is the magic of modern downloading, it can occur without you even noticing.
It's a bit like breathing - you open your mouth (web browser), your lungs (router) suck in air (the internet) and replenish your blood cells (screen) with oxygen (hardcore pornography).

And if you were one of the downloaders who helped set this WOW, you're sure to be looking at hardcore pornography on a fancy new web browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.0, the application with the most downloads in 24 hours - more than five million!

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