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Fastest English Channel Crossing by Amphibious Vehicle

Living on an island must have many advantages, including isolation from the idiocy of humanity, and the ability to flout as many international copyright laws as you please.
However, when it comes to travelling around, things would probably become tricky.

For movement across land, a simple automobile (car) would suffice. It could probably be powered by coconut oil!
But to get across the water, you would also require a boat, and boats are much more difficult to build than cars, due to the laws of floatation.

If only there existed a vehicle capable of traversing both land and sea, the life of islanders across the world would be improved instantly.

Well, idiot islanders, wake up! Those vehicles - amphibious vehicles - were invented ages ago!

One of the most recent, 'HARRR-7' a carbon-fibre bodied design created by Chris Gratnell, recently crossed the English Channel in just 00:12:32!
That's a lot faster than the high-speed Eurostar train service, but on the downside, it didn't run over run over any illegal immigrants along the way.


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