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Longest Ballot Paper

A ballot paper is what you call the piece of paper handed to you by the miserable old lady when you go to vote.
Listed on it are the names of every candidate - you must choose one, tick the box, and then post your completed form in the post box.

Do this successfully and: congratulations! You have just done a vote!

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to add the names of your own imaginary candidates to the ballot paper. That is illegal. Other things that it is illegal to add to the ballot paper include:

1) A Sudoku puzzle.

2) A poem about sawdust.

3) A picture of the old lady, accompanied by the text 'I hate the old lady'.

In fact, the only way to legally customise your ballot paper is to have your own name printed onto it: which you can do by paying 500 to the local council!

When the WOW for the longest ballot paper was set (during the 2008 Haltemprice and Howden by-election), customisation must have been popular - because so many people had their names added, the paper ended up three sheets of A4 long!


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