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Funniest Animal YouTube Video Clip

If you've ever fallen over, cracked your head open and not captured it on video, you've potentially missed your one opportunity in life for fame and fortune on the Internet.

Yes, Internet viewers enjoy nothing more than watching videos of people falling over and cracking their heads (or other crackable body parts) open.

And where do they go to see these videos? Of course, Copyright Infringement Central, also known as YouTube!

YouTube began life as a home for low quality webcam videos, featuring no-one of any importance talking about nothing you were ever likely to be interested in.
Thankfully, videos of people doing stupid and funny things were soon uploaded, and it wasn't long before man's best friend, animals, wanted 'in' on the act!

The funniest animal YouTube video clip is of two pandas and one panda sneezes and surprises the other panda!
More than 17 million people have watched this hilarious clip!

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