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Heaviest Weight Hung from a Swallowed Sword

If you've ever swallowed an object, which you have, it's likely that you never expected, nor wanted to see it again.

The act of swallowing is, in essence, the natural equivalent of a postal delivery: letters get removed from the post box (mouth), taken to the sorting office (throat), put into the delivery van (throat again) and driven (squeezed down the throat) to the recipient's home (lungs).

When a gust of wind blows a letter out of the post box, and back into your hand - that is the equivalent of vomiting. For vomit is what you call anything that comes out of your mouth!
There are two exceptions to this rule: sounds and swords.

Sword swallowing is a game whereby you swallow a sword. Whoever doesn't slice open their throat or break their spine wins!
And while sword swallowing might, by itself, seem a most dangerous game, imagine swallowing a sword and then hanging a weight from it!

For some reason, that's exactly what Geoffrey Karakul of Germany did - a weight of exactly 500 grams - the same as a stuffed dog!


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