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Longest Journey by Tractor

Many years ago, during what was known as the 'Iron Age', farmers had to plough their fields using horses.
The horses would be tied to the back of the tractor and pulled along, their clumsy stumbling hooves breaking up large clods, and their carcasses eventually ploughing neat, horse carcass sized furrows into the earth.

This possibly helps to explain why horses are so ugly.

Today, the horses may be gone, but the tractors remain, driving up and down county lanes for no good reason and causing huge traffic delays.
Yes, like boats, tractors are not well-suited to being driven on roads. Their enormous size, weight and stench makes them unappealing to every sense - except the sixth: radar.

And yet tractors have been used for many long journeys: none longer than the longest journey by tractor, when I got stuck behind a tractor going from Trottiscliffe to Wateringbury!


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