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Least Populated Country

If you've ever looked at a globe of the Earth, you're sure to have noticed Antarctica, the large white shape on the bottom.
Antarctica isn't the least populated country - it's full of scientists! No, just north of Antarctica is a large island known as Australia. That's where kangaroos were invented. But don't stop looking! Australia isn't the least populated country either - it's full of the elderly.

Just south of Australia is the country we're looking for, a small island which is the shape of a bottle of gin: it's New Zealand, the least populated country!

New Zealand is frequently cited as being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Indeed, the popular role playing game 'Lord of the Rings' was based on New Zealand!

And that explains why New Zealand has so few people living on it. After all, who would want to live on an island filled with Lord of the Rings monsters, like Gollums, Gandalfs and those ones who were born in a pile of mud?



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