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Most Tattooed Man

A tattoo is a coloured image that you wear on your skin. But unlike some skin images, a tattoo will never come off!

The reason for this is needles: getting a tattoo involves multiple stabbings by a sinister needle-crazed stab robot!

Of course, so fast and efficient is the robot, only a small amount of pain is felt - although this can depend on the location of the tattoo.
It is more painful to have a tattoo on your face than it is to have one on your intestines, for example, because by the time you have your intestines tattooed, you'll already be dead.

The most tattooed man isn't dead, however! Almost 98 percent of Derek Van Buren's body is covered in a variety of tattoos, from bloody skulls, barbed wire, and Garfield panels.

Derek's favourite tattoo covers his left buttock and depicts the characters of Ulysses 31 having a massive punch-up!

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