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Best Portrayal of The Joker

Every superhero has one enemy in particular who just won't leave them alone, no matter how much they punch them through walls.

Spiderman has The Green Goblin, aka. Norman Osbourne, an evil millionaire genius.
Superman has The Lex Luthor, an evil millionaire genius.
Batman has The Joker, a clown.

For as long as Batman has existed, The Joker has followed him around - across the pages of comic books, television tubes, and movie screens - and four portrayals of this character have become synonymous with The Joker's name.

The first was Cesar Romero, who played The Joker in the 1960s television series. His Joker became famous for having a moustache, and for cackling continuously.

Next came famous actor Jack Nicholson, who played The Joker in the 1990 film. He had a massive mouth and fell off a clock.

The Joker was next reborn in a Batman cartoon series, played by none other than Luke Hamill, aka Star Wars! He 'used the force' and 'lightspeed' Joker 'Death Star'!

Finally, Welsh actor Heath Ledger took on the character in the film 'The Dark Knight', giving the character a high-pitched voice and the catchphrase "Let's get Jokey!".

But which of these is the best Joker?

Of course, it is the Star Wars one, since he's not dead.


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