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Tallest Sandcastle

As a building material, sand leaves a lot to be desired.
If it gets too dry, it will fall apart and if it gets too wet, it will fall apart.
Other ways to make sand fall apart include looking at it, and thinking about it.

So imagine my amazement when I learnt that people regularly build castles - the grandest of all buildings - out of sand.
I was fairly amazed to learn that!

If you've ever wanted to build a sand castle, here are some instructions:

1) Get some sand,

2) Get a bucket,

3) Put some sand in the bucket,

4) Put some more sand in the bucket,

5) Stop putting sand in the bucket,

6) Look into bucket - sand castle!

I expect that these are exactly the same instructions that were used to create the tallest sandcastle, which I happened to see one day in Rochester High Street, England.
I saw it on a building site, and I believe it later collapsed and killed a boy.


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