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Deepest Underwater Postbox

If you were an Ancient Greek, and you wanted to communicate with someone many miles away (such as Socrates), you would have used the postal service!

Using a pointed stick, you would have scratched your message onto a wax tablet, stuffed it down a donkey's throat and then employed a naked Spartan to ride the donkey directly to the house of the recipient.
A day or so later, your message would emerge, and the donkey would be sacrificed to Apollo in thanks for a successful bowel movement!

Today, the process is exactly the same, save for the existence of postboxes, used when the donkey refuses to swallow your message, or when the RSPCA come round to my house and tell me that I have been banned from keeping donkeys forever and I am to be prosecuted for cruelty to donkeys.

You can find postboxes in popular places, such as village greens, shopping areas and the United States of America.
Places that you are unlikely to find postboxes include down a hole and underwater.

But that doesn't mean underwater postboxes don't exist! They do, and their numbers are steadily increasing, thanks to ever-rising sea levels.

Of course, at some point in the future, this means that everything - not just postboxes - will be underwater, and that this WOW will be irrelevant. But by that time, we will all have evolved into fish, and maybe we will live inside the postboxes, and instead of 'postboxes' they will be called 'fishboxes'!

For now, the deepest underwater postbox is that postbox in Southfleet that I accidentally reversed into and knocked into the pond.

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