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Most Valuable Pair of Jeans

Do you know what the hardest working piece of clothing in a man's wardrobe is?
Yes, it's the trousers!

Trousers must contain the body parts responsible for 92% of male movement - the legs, knees, arse and cock. When faced with the total kinetic energy these generate, most materials can't help but burst into flames within minutes.

This presented a serious problem to those working in the manufacture of gunpowder: for flames plus gunpowder equals an explosion!
The solution was initially thought to be a total ban on trousers in powder mills, but it was found that the gunpowder dust had a tendency to stick to sweaty areas, and when a groin itch initiated an explosion that killed half the population of Dartford, the English government commissioned the development of a hard-wearing trouser material.

An American scientist by the name of Levi Denim soon created the most resilient trousers in the world: Jeans! He had discovered that by fusing fabric with oats, an incredible power could be harnessed - so powerful, the resulting material had to be riveted together!

Today, Denim's very first prototype pair of jeans still exists, and is on public display at the national Jeans museum in Detroit, USA.
They were created in 1888, and are worth an estimated 60.25, making them without doubt the most valuable pair of jeans!


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