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Smallest Submarine

"In the town where I was born
Lived a man who sailed the sea
And he told me of his life
In the land of submarines

Factually, this is incorrect.
I wasn't born in a town. I was born in a hospital.
While there may have been a man who had 'sailed the sea' in the hospital at the time of my birth, it is doubtful that he lived there.
And even if he did live in the hospital, being only a newborn baby, I would have been in no position to have a conversation with him on any subject, least of all 'his life in the land of submarines'.

Yes, as you have no doubt guessed, that is not a verse of my own. It is, in fact, a selection of the lyrics from the film 'The Little Yellow Submarine' which starred well-known rock band 'The Beatles'.

The film's title character was based on a real submarine George Harrison had once owned, although it wasn't yellow and little in real life!

It was grey and massive.

The smallest submarine certainly isn't massive. That would make no sense at all.
But it is seen in a film: James Cameron's film 'The Abyss'!

At first it is simply a medium-sized submarine. But a crazy moustache guy steals it, crashes it, and then drives it down a hole, where it soon implodes and is crushed, transforming into the smallest submarine.


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