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Largest Dome Igloo

Have you ever tried to build an igloo?
I haven't, but I once tried to draw a picture of one:

1) First, I drew a big curve, like a rainbow!

2) I drew a brick pattern all over it,

3) And I put a snowman living next door,

4) And finally, I added shiver lines all around the snowman, to show just how cold it was!

As you can see, I completely forgot to add a front door, condemning any potential residents to certain death. Also, the snowman looked a bit menacing.

It's therefore likely, seeing as I could barely draw one, that I would fail miserably should I attempt to build an igloo. So thank goodness I wasn't born in Iceland, where everyone lives inside them!

Iceland is a country near the North Pole, where every season is winter, and every month is December. Instead of cats, they have polar bears, and instead of dogs, they have some more polar bears. Canaries are not allowed, because polar bears don't like being shoved inside the tiny cages.

Iceland is also the country where you should go, if you want to see the largest dome igloo.
It was built by Johan Magnusson and his family and measures a whopping 7 metres in diameter!
I phoned Johan to ask what he used his igloo for, but unfortunately dialled the wrong number.


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