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Longest Handstand on a Skateboard

If you've ever watched the film 'Back to the Future', you'll know exactly how the skateboard was invented: it was due to Marty McFly smashing up some kid's pram, or something. And then he jumped onto it, and escaped from the enemy in a daring escape scene!

Because of this, Tony Hawks pours a libation to the ghost of Marty McFly every morning - for without the creation of the skateboard, Tony Hawks would have taken his own life many years ago by stabbing himself in the face (possibly).
You see, had the skateboard not been existed, Hawks would have become nothing but a homeless bum, begging for scraps from his local newsagents, sleeping in a tent (stolen), and eventually stabbing himself in the face (possibly}.

Instead, Hawks is a multi-millionaire, and arguably the most well-known skateboarder on the planet.

He invented many legendary skateboarding moves, including the jump and the flip. He was also the first skateboarder to run over and kill a fox.

But for all his innovation, Hawks never once performed a handstand on a skateboard.
Tony Hawks does not hold the WOW for the longest handstand on a skateboard.

You know who does?
Christopher Henge!

For Christopher Henge once performed a handstand on his skateboard for more than 7 minutes!


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