Random WOW: ' Most Graves Dug '

Most Popular Website

According to a recent survey, the majority of website visitors can spend just three minutes looking at a page, before they suddenly feel compelled to leave, by clicking what is known as a 'link'. This is what is known as 'browsing'.

Browsing was invented in 1995. Before that time, Internet users had to know exactly where, when and why they wanted to go, and fill out a form in order to do so. Furthermore, once on a site, the computer often required restarting if another website was required!

It was a bit like going on a train, and only having one ticket, but the ticket expired as soon as you boarded the train, and the train was full of football hooligans, and all the football hooligans looked at you.

Nowadays, the Internet is very popular, and websites have been know to experience up to 50 visitors - or hits every day!

The most popular website is the sex one.

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