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Most Valuable Guitar

There have been several landmarks in the history of musical instrument development:

3000 B.C. - a caveman smashes a rock into his own face - the first drum is created!
1532 A.D. - Leonardo Da Vinci crashes his helicopter into a lake - the first piano is created!
1940 A.D. - Thomas Edison speaks into a cup attached to a wax cylinder - the first mp3 is created!

None of these achievements, however, compare to the creation of the guitar, undoubtedly the most important musical creation in history. And here is how it was done:

In 1964, a young boy named Sam Lash nailed six wires to his 'Speak and Spell' machine. He soon discovered that by plucking the wires, and holding the keys D, G, H and S, the machine would scream.
Pressing a different combination of keys, and plucking the wires more vigorously would produce a different pitch scream!

Of course, the Speak and Spell machine was soon replaced with a lump of wood, and the screaming was replaced with notes and chords. Young Sam Lash changed his name to Slash and purchased a top hat. He later went on to join famous rock band 'Neil Young'.

The most valuable guitar is the one that Brian May played during the Live Aid concert of 1986!
It is worth up to 20, because it may have brushed against Freddie Mercury's rear end... twice!


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