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Most Massive Living Tree

If you've ever stood in a field and stared at a tree, you can't have failed to notice the height of said tree. Yes, trees are tall: in fact, trees are one of the tallest animals on the planet!

This is because trees need light to survive, and so they stretch themselves high, absorbing as much of the Sun's rays as they can, and turning it into kinetic energy.
Squirrels like to eat this kinetic energy, and that explains why I can't catch a squirrel.

Certain flavours of tree are known to grow taller than others - the English oak, for example, can grow up to 70 metres - taller than most buildings!

But this WOW centres around the massiveness of trees - taking into account their girth as well as their height. And girth depends on the age of the tree: for as a tree ages, so it becomes wider.

The most massive living tree must therefore have the correct combination of age and height - and that tree can be found in Boston, USA!

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