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Best Live Action Depiction of the Incredible Hulk

If there's one person you don't want to accidentally shove, it's Doctor Bruce Banner.
For, while working on a secret military project one Tuesday morning, Bruce Banner got blown up, and now, whenever he gets irritated, he transforms into a monster known as the Incredible Hulk!

Don't panic. I'm not describing real life! These events only occured on the pages of a comic: 'The Incredible Hulk', created in 1962 by the legendary Stan Lee and his best friend Kenny Weymouth!

Having already created the highly popular 'Spiderman', the duo simply created a character who was his exact opposite:
Where Spiderman was an athletic red and blue University student, the Hulk was a fat green retard.

This was a master stroke! The Hulk quickly became a hugely popular character, and children all over America were soon shouting his catchphrase "DUUURRRRRRR!".

Several attempts have been made to bring the Hulk to television and movie screens:
From a body-builder wearing a green pillowcase, to state of the art computer graphics technology, all have been rubbish.

That's why the best live action depiction of the Incredible Hulk will be awarded as soon as a bald ape falls into a vat of green paint and starts furiously running around in the desert.

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