Random WOW: ' Most Average Bear '

Highest Library

"I want to read a book... but I haven't got any money! OH NO!"

Whilst one day walking through the park, that is exactly what I heard a man behind me shout.
Imagine my surprise to turn around and see none other than tennis star Andre Agassi on his knees, weeping piteously.
What do you do in a situation like that? Even the pigeons seemed to stand wide-eyed in shock!

If only Mr Agassi had realised that he was a mere three minute walk from the local library! How different the world might have been.

Libraries, you see, are places where you can find piles of books, all completely free for you to take!
Some libraries even have computers, photocopiers and tables and chairs! Yes, stepping into a library is like stepping into the future, except it stinks of mould.

How high would you climb to visit the highest library? Up a hill? Up a building? Up a mountain?
No, no and no. In fact, you wouldn't have to climb anything... unless you have the bizarre ability to climb into orbit!

For the highest library is situated on the International Space Station, where all the spacemen live!
They used to have the full collection of Mr Men books up there, but unfortunately 'Mr Tickle' got sucked down the space toilet.


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