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Largest Plate Inserted into a Human Skull

The human skull is probably the most useful bone in the entire body: after all, it's where we keep our thinking muscles!
Where would we be without skulls? The answer is Corpses R Us (we would be dead).

But your skull isn't indestructible. Don't go running around head butting walls, you idiot!
No, like every bone in a dog's body, the skull can be broken by simply running it over in my car! And once broken, there is only one way to repair a skull: by inserting a plate into it!

The largest plate inserted into a human skull was a dinner plate of diameter 225mm that was inserted into aircraft engineer Roger Matthews' skull by accident when he was messing around with a ramjet one Sunday lunchtime.
Also inserted into Roger Matthews' skull: half a slice of meatloaf, two potatoes and a Yorkshire pudding.


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