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Longest Cartoon Strip

A cartoon strip is a bit like a cartoon, except a lot slower.
While a cartoon runs at around 25 frames per second, a cartoon strip runs at 3 or 4 frames every week. This means that some stories last longer than their creators: for example, the creator of Snoopy died before the characters had a chance to become interesting!

It isn't all bad, though: some famous cartoon characters started out life in cartoon strips. For example, Popeye, the horribly deformed sailor was initially just a supporting character in the comic strip 'The Naughty Navigators' - and instead of eating spinach in order to become strong, he injected heroin directly into his genitals!

The longest cartoon strip appeared in the Gaurdian on July 9th 1945, and featured the now forgotten character 'European Democracy Defence Chap' attacking a creature the shape of Germany with a variety of sporting equipment.
It lasted an incredible 38 panels!


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