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Best Zelda Game

If you like to watch rubber-faced characters wobble around for around an hour, you're sure to be a fan of Gerry Anderson's action series 'Terrahawks'!
Each episode saw the Terrahawks team battling a deranged, withered android known only as Zelda!

Where would you find a deranged, withered android? Yes, Mars! That's where Zelda lives, along with her equally mental robotic offspring, Smash, Bang and Richard Cogkill.

But what of her earlier life? Where did Zelda come from!?

Nintendo unexpectedly attempted to answer all of these questions when, in 1994, they suddenly released a Terrahawks game on the NES: it was called The Legend of Zelda!

The player controlled Zelda, who had become a weird green elf sort of thing. The aim of the game was to judder around and go into caves!
If Zelda was lucky, she would discover an old man inside. That was the end of the game.

But Terrahawks fans were confused. The game didn't seem to have anything to do with the television series at all! Where the hell were those hilarious robot balls?

Nintendo soon explained that the game was a prequel to the television series - taking place roughly 80 years before the Terrahawks team was even established.
The game's creators vowed to release a new Zelda game every five years, chronicling Zelda's gradual transformation from green elf-thing into mechanical hag.

And they kept their promise: from the SNES to the GameCube, every Nintendo system has been blessed with at least one new Zelda game.
With each one, Zelda becomes visibly more robotic - and in the latest instalment 'The Twilight Princess', I'm pretty sure I saw Dr Tiger Ninestein hiding behind a rock!

Here's the important question: which is the best Zelda game?

Of course, it's the one that appeared on the N64: 'The Ocarina of Time', because it allowed you to run over a load of hens.


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