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Strongest Adhesive Tape

Run into your local newsagents, and take a look at the adhesive tape display. You might find yourself uncontrollably screaming: for there will be more than 80 different adhesive tapes available!

Yes, there is a tape for virtually every conceivable occasion:
Plumbing sprung a leak? Use Duck Tape!
Insulating an electric connection? Use Masking Tape!
On fire? Use Self-Adhesive Book Repair Tape!

For many years now, competing tape manufacturers have been attempting to create the strongest adhesive tape in the World.
Some turned to the world of chemistry, creating glue that could stick to almost anything... even a gust of wind!
Others looked to nature, renting the DVD of Spider-man six nights in a row in an attempt to discover his adhesive secret (it was hairy fingers).

But, as it turned out, it was neither chemistry nor hairy fingers that eventually provided the answer: it was technology!

Because the strongest adhesive tape is a tape made from millions of microscopic robots!


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