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Fastest Tetris Perfect Score

Dropping bricks from a great height is illegal in real life, due to the potential danger it poses for those wandering below. Bricks, you see, are extremely heavy: just one is capable of flattening a wasp's house!

But in the backward world of computer games, laws do not exist, and the throwing of bricks is actively welcomed - especially in the Tetris community!

For without bricks, Tetris wouldn't exist: Tetris is an action game expressly based on throwing and arranging bricks!

The player controls Tetris, an invisible builder. Tetris has the power to move falling bricks with his mind, just like Uri Geller doesn't!

As the bricks fall, Tetris must shift them around so that they build a wall. No gaps are allowed, for that would violate the building regulations, and Tetris would be in trouble with his boss, Dave Hemmings.

To add extra interest, a comedy ghost occasionally appears to offer his opinion on popular building topics, such as concrete mixing techniques!

A perfect Tetris score is achieved when 20 walls have been finished: this can take a whopping 2 hours for an average human.
But the fastest Tetris perfect score took just 21 minutes 19 seconds: less time than it takes the police to come around to my house when I complain about that dog who keeps looking at my car!
Congratulations to Sam Dooge, who credits his amazing Tetris skills to long-term unemployment.

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