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Most Consecutive Football Game Releases

Goal keeper,
Enjoyers (crowd).

What am I doing? Yes, I'm making a list of all the characters required for a football computer game! It's the first step in the football computer game programming process, as any professional programmer will angrily shout at you!

The second step is to take a photograph of every footballer, each doing one of three different movements: either running, looking or shrugging. These photographs are then digitally inserted into the screen, and the computer turns them into graphics!

Today, making these games is a multi-million pound busines. But in 1992, when football computer games were a new idea, it wasn't.

The creators of the FIFA Soccer know this - because 1992 was when the first FIFA Soccer game was released!

Technology was very different then: the pitch was wonky, because no-one know how to do 3D! And instead of a real football, they used a piece of chalk!

But such was the game's success, that every following year a new FIFA Soccer game was released, each time somehow managing to make absolutely no improvement on the last and soon helping to cement the franchise's reputation as the dog shit of the football gaming spectrum.
Today, the process continues, giving FIFA Soccer the WOW for the most consecutive football game releases!


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