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Most Successful Fighting Game Series

Humans have been fighting amongst themselves ever since the day that they crawled out of the swimming pool and started breathing air.
This is fine: fights can be a useful way of solving arguments and disputes involving He-Man figurine ownership.

The only trouble with fighting is the possibility of getting your face smashed in.

Imagine the joy of face-loving fight enthusiasts when fighting first appeared on computer games! The risk of face mangling was no longer present!

What is your favourite fighting game series? Virtua Fighter? Tekken? Mortal Kombat? Mike Tyson's Punch Out?
It doesn't matter, so shut up.

None of those are the most successful fighting game series. None of those even come close.
No, the most successful fighting game series is, of course, the Street Fighter series.

With over 18 instalments, the Street Fighter games have so far earned Capcom an estimated total of 25 million dollars!

I asked them if they had any plans for the money, and was told that they are building a volcano!


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