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First Fighting Game to Use Combos

Punch, kick, punch-punch-kick!

Where would fighting games be without punches and kicks?
I don't know where they'd be - probably 'in a games shop' - but I can tell you what they'd be: two static sprites looking at each other, aka The Sims, when it crashes.

Very early fighting games, such as 'International Karate' included punches and kicks, but in an entirely singular fashion. That is to say, your character would punch... and the stop. Or kick... and then stop. Or his trousers would fall down... and then stop.

And then Albert Einstein had an idea: what if the player could string together a special combination of punches and kicks, creating a massive punching and kicking bonanza? Wouldn't that be fantastic?!
The answer was yes, and the feature was named in honour of Einstein's haircut: the comb-over!

So combos are now a common feature of fighting games... but which was the first fighting game to feature them?
The first fighting game to feature combos was 'Battletoads & Double Dragon', an exciting cross-over uniting the green, fly-eating, wart-faced, lily-pad-hoppers with the Battletoads!


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