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Slowest Sandwich Preparation

If you're feeling peckish and you own a loaf of bread, it is legally your duty to create a sandwich, recently voted the eighth favourite snack in Luxembourg!

Many different sandwich varieties exist, although most depend on what your cupboard, fridge, or other food storage area contain.
Peanut butter? Peanut butter sandwich!
Tuna? Tuna sandwich!
Dog food? Do not make a dog food sandwich!

Once the contents and the bread have been collected, constructing the sandwich is simply a matter of placing one on top of another and then putting the last one on top of the other two!
It doesn't matter what order you do it: you'll always end up with a sandwich: thanks to maths!

You'd think, therefore, that creating a sandwich would take but a few moments.
Ordinarily, you would be right.

But not if you had ordered a sandwich from an independent sandwich shop in Oxford, England!
For I once ordered a sandwich from such an establishment, and it took almost forty-five minutes to arrive!

I was so angry, I almost choked on the sandwich!

The ultimate irony!

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