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Best Terminator (Film)

I am a Terminator. EXTERMINATE!

If you ever hear someone shout that, despair: humanity is doomed!
Somehow, a Terminator and a Dalek have engaged in sexual intercourse, and have spawned what I like to call a Termek!

Of course, this is a joke. The chances of such an event occurring are very low.
Neither Terminators, nor Daleks currently exist, and even if they did, a bankruptcy-inducing amount of alcohol would be needed to persuade the Terminator to go through with the sex act.
The Dalek would probably be quite willing. I expect a Dalek takes whatever it can get: have you looked at a Dalek recently!?

But let's get away from this disturbing theme - as fast and as quickly as possible!

Forget Daleks. Daleks have no involvement in this WOW whatsoever. This WOW is focused on... the Terminator family.

What is a Terminator? Why, a Terminator is simply a robot from the future, who wears human skin in order to blend in at parties. You'll very quickly know if there's a Terminator at your party: for you will instantly transform into a bullet-ridden corpse.

To date, three movies have featured Terminators - but each has featured a Terminator with a different magical power!

The first film, Terminator 1 features a Terminator with a metal skeleton. His power is to wobble around hilariously and then get crushed.

The next film, Terminator 2 features a Terminator who is all blobby. He has the power to melt!

The final film, Terminator 3 features a Terminator who is both blobby and has a metal skeleton. His power is to be a sexy girl!

Which of the three is the best, though? No-one knows.

No-one, that is... until now!
A World of WOWs survey has finally revealed the best Terminator to be that blobby, melted one. His name is T-1000, and his favourite ice cream flavour is mint choc-chip!


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