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Largest Plastic Duck Race

When the human body becomes dirty, there are only two washing methods capable of completely dispelling 100% of the resulting odours. This is because the human body is an insane fleshy-landscape, full of mysterious crevices and holes that an aerosol deodorant either cannot reach, or which react in a particularly unpleasant way when you direct an aerosol deodorant right up them.

What are these two washing methods? Well of course, they are showers and baths!

Have you ever wondered which is the oldest washing method?
You might think that it is the bath, since a bath simply requires a pool of water deep enough to submerge yourself in.

But some people think you are wrong!

These bath-enthusiasts claim that, in addition to the water, a bath cannot exist without foam and... plastic ducks!
And plastic ducks didn't exist until plastic was invented... in 1961, making showers much older than baths, thanks to evidence recently uncovered in The Flintstones!

Who is right? Who is wrong? I don't care.
This WOW is supposed to be about plastic ducks.

Plastic ducks can be purchased from all good newsagents. There are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours, and can be used for throwing, looking at, and racing!

Having a race with two plastic ducks might seem exciting to you, since you are an idiot.
It's therefore a good thing that you weren't present at the largest plastic duck race, because your blood would have literally boiled with all the excitement!

The largest plastic duck race took place in English channel in November 1986 when a cargo ship sank, releasing 3145 plastic ducks, all of whom immediately 'raced' towards France in a massive 'race'!


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