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Longest Domain Name

As any good website creator will tell you, the secret to success is not the graphics, or the content, or even the hardcore pornography - it is the website domain name!

In order to get millions of 'hits', a site needs a domain name that is catchy and memorable.
You might think that fulfilling such parameters is easy. It isn't.

How many potential names do you think the creators of Google considered before they launched their hugely successful website?
They considered 5, and here they are:

1) goodsearch.com

2) doasearch.com

3) letsgosearch.com

4) letsgohaveasearch.com

5) eggsmash.com

I recently did some research to discover why so many people remember 'Google'? The answer, I found, is because it is the sound of a spring wobbling around crazily!

But the owners of the longest domain name decided to use quite a different tactic in order to have their address stay in visitor's minds - obviously, by making it the longest domain name on the entire internet!

The longest domain name is http://tasvideos.org/BattleOfOlympusTricks.html - whatever it is, it's a whopping 47 characters long!


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