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Most Potentially Dangerous Force Feedback Device

Remember 'force feedback' devices? Only a few years ago, force feedback was all the rage, and computer peripheral manufacturers were attempting to cram it into everything!
Joysticks, steering wheels, even mice, force feedback was going to change the world... with bruise power!

Of course, unless you're reading this in a parallel universe where force feedback did change the world with bruise power, you'll know that it didn't. Everyone soon realised that it was actually a massive waste of time, and promptly forgot about force feedback.

Or did they?


Not everyone forgot about it. One man, Kevin Chips, refused, and continued to develop new and exciting force feedback devices that he hoped one day would make him the next Trevor Bayliss!
Here are some of Kevin's creations:

The force feedback keyboard: every time you make a spelling mistake, it breaks your fingers. And it stinks of fish!

The force feedback monitor: look at it and it punches you in the face!

The force feedback cushion: sit on it, and it wriggles as if overflowing with gerbils!

But Kevin's next project is what has earned him the WOW for the most potentially dangerous force feedback device: the force feedback piece of ground!
For use with skydiving simulators, the force feedback piece of ground has the ability to hurtle towards its users at up to 120 miles per hour: terminal velocity!
At that speed, it can kill an illegal immigrant!


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