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Largest Swimming Pool

Swimming, scientists will tell you, is an excellent way to exercise, since swimming requires the use of every muscle in the body - except the anus muscle (ideally).

How many different swimming positions can you name? I can name four!

1) Butterfly

2) Dog

3) Mushrooms

4) Freestyle

But of course, if you want to practice your swimming, you need certain equipment: swimming costume, swimming goggles, swimming ability and... a swimming pool!
You can't go swimming without a swimming pool. Going swimming without a swimming pool is known as having an epileptic fit.

But exactly do you define a swimming pool? That's a very important question: so I spared no expense, and wrote a letter to a scientist.
As I discovered 6-8 weeks later, a swimming pool is a pit containing non-corrosive liquid!

The largest swimming pool can be found in the Holiday Inn at Opelousas, America!
It's so large, a bloated corpse once went undiscovered for several hours at the bottom of it!


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