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Heaviest Plane Pulled by Wheelchair Users

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if your legs fell off? It's a terrifying thought - because legs are really important, especially if you enjoy kicking things!

But while only a terrifying thought for you, legs falling off is the reality for hundreds of people across the world - people who don't have legs. Instead, they have wheelchairs!

You might think that a wheelchair user is capable of less than a leg owner. Well, you must immediately stop thinking that, because that is massively illegal!
Wheelchair users can do anything - including playing basketball, and dancing!

Another thing wheelchair users can do is pull planes around. Here is how they do it:

1) Get a wheelchair.

2) Get a plane.

3) Tie the plane to the wheelchair.

4) Make sure the plane doesn't take off, because that would be awful.

And those are exactly the steps that Jason Jamdrain and his seven friends took when they set the WOW for the heaviest plane pulled by wheelchair users.
I don't know what plane it was, but it must have weighed loads!

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