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Most People Running in a Stiletto Sprint

If you've ever spent a long time staring at random ladies, you'll know that many of them like to wear crazy shoes known as high heel shoes.
High heel shoes were originally invented in 1944, in order to help ladies see over the shelves at the supermarket, in order to spot bargains!

But soon, every lady owned a pair; the advantage was lost.

Lost, that is, until the creation of the stiletto, a type of high heel shoe whose heel was as sharp and thin as a sharp, thin poking device!
By removing the shoe and hurling it at a soft food item (such as fruit), shoppers could harpoon food from a great distance. This eventually somehow probably might have evolved into Internet shopping.

Today, stiletto shoes are still being produced - not for their original purpose... but for racing in!

Yes, Stiletto Sprinting is now a more popular sport than cricket, with an incredible fifty-two fans across the world!
Why so many? Because of the amazing events that can take place during a race, of course:

A lady might sprain her ankle!

A lady might crash into another lady!

A lady might fall over and go Oooh!

Yes, with such incredible sights, there's no doubt that stiletto sprinting will soon become an Olympic sport, and that the participation numbers will literally explode.
But until that explosion occurs, the most people running in a stiletto sprint will remain 2, seen during a sprint onto a bus in Greenhithe.


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