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Largest Tractor Parade

Roll up, roll up... for the tractor parade!

If you've ever been to a village summer fete, you're sure to have heard some old stinking farmer shout that at no-one in particular.
What happened next? Do you remember?
Yes, that's right - nothing.

Because that never happened.

Tractors are ridiculously slow (2 miles per hour), dirty (full of dirt), noisy (like a shrieking ghost) contraptions created for the express purpose of blocking up major roads and generally making everyone weep with anger.
No-one likes tractors - and it would take a idiotic fete organiser to invite a tractor parade to his event.

The longest tractor parade is reported to have taken place on the 7th of September 2008, in Scotland, England.
Apparently, it was formed of three tractors, all bright green!

The tractors were last seen heading towards a field.


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