Random WOW: ' Largest Spray Painted Picture '

Most Downloaded Show

Have you ever downloaded a show?

Of course, you haven't. This is because that is an extremely illegal activity - 5% more illegal than looking at a prostitute!

The reasons for this are complicated and uninteresting, but stem from the ability of certain software packages to superimpose items of humorous clothing over video. Imagine watching an episode of Ugly Betty, except Betty is wearing a sombrero! Utterly unthinkable.

Threats of legal action do little to stop motivated download addicts, however - these hardened criminals will download anything with reckless abandon, including movies, music and cake recipes! And for the sakes of this WOW, thank goodness they do!

The most downloaded show is an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in which Mr. Data (a robot of the future) malfunctions and dances around the ship's corridors for half and hour.


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