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Largest Marrow

If you've ever stopped people in the street to conduct a survey about marrows, you'll be aware that many people don't know what a marrow is! You could say that they are not marrow aware.
In an attempt to rectify this lack of knowledge, here is a marrow check list to enable you to quickly identify a marrow:

1) Is it green?

2) Does it look like a massive cucumber?

3) What does it taste of?

If the answers to this check list are yes, yes and water, congratulations! Either you have discovered a marrow, or you have found a strange green sack full of water!

If you wish to discover the largest marrow, I advise you to memorise the check list.
You can do this by wandering around, shouting "Yes, yes, water".

I'm sure this is exactly what Mike Smersh did before he stumbled upon the largest marrow, in his own garden in Telford, UK.
It was the size of a bloated dog!

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