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Most Lucrative Movie Partnership

Do you like going to the movies? Of course you do!
Where else can you see Tom Hanks spinning around in slow-motion, except in a cinema?

No-where else.

That's why everyone goes to the cinema. In the hopes that Tom Hanks will appear and start spinning around in slow motion.
To my knowledge, this has not yet occured. Tom Hanks doesn't like spinning around, because it gives him a nosebleed.

But you know what Tom Hanks does like? Being half of the most lucrative movie partnership, of course!
In 1990, Hanks found himself acting alongside a relative newcomer to Hollywood. The two immediately hit it off, their on-screen chemistry pulling record audiences and inspiring casting agents to hire them time and time again.

Between 1990 and 2003, the duo earned an estimated 500 million dollars each - enough to buy a brand new car every five minutes!

What was the film that started it all? Yes, it was Turner and Hooch! Turner was Tom Hanks, and Hooch was some kind of funny dog!
Other films that the two appeared in include Big (Hooch is operating the fortune telling machine), Saving Private Ryan (Hooch is inside one of the tanks) and The Terminal (Hooch is visible defecating behind a pile of suitcases).


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