Random WOW: ' Most Onomatopoeic Word '

Fastest Drummer

Bang bang bang bang bang TING!

If you can read music, you'll know what that means. It means hit the drums five times and then hit the cymbal!

Of all the members in a band, the drummer is probably the hardest working. Firstly, he must bang his drums in the right order, in the right rhythm, and with exactly the right amount of fury, or the song becomes broken. Furthermore, while the other band members get to wander around the stage and look attractive, the drummer has to sit in a hole and generally become sweaty and stinking.
Yes, drummers don't have it easy.

However, when it comes to the amount of equipment, drummers are at the very top of the musical instrument food pyramid. Here are just a few of the types of drum a drummer might have arranged about himself during a performance:

1) Big drum

2) Small drum

3) Loud drum

4) Quiet drum

5) Electric drum

You might think that the fastest drummer would own all of these drums... but you'd be wrong!
The fastest drummer owns no drums at all.

The fastest drummer is a kid I saw in Toys R Us recently, who was mashing an electronic keyboard as if possessed by some sort of electronic keyboard mashing devil.
He had the keyboard 'voice' set to drums, and the sound produced was of a drummer so rapid, had he really existed, his arms would have surely flown from their sockets!


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