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Most Powerful Actor

Actors are a strange breed, of that there is little doubt.

If I wandered around pretending to be someone I wasn't, I would soon be chased by a policeman, but I tricked the policeman when I went inside a pet shop, feigning gerbil-interest.
For an actor, however, not only is this impersonation encouraged, a great sum of money is awarded to them following its successful conclusion!

This goes some way to explaining why everyone wants to be an actor, including you.
To go a bit further along the way, we must examine some of the other perks:

1) Ability to go to parties,

2) Get stalked,

3) You are now famous forever,

4) Powerful.

Yes, actors and power go together like flies and cheese. They are utterly inseparable, and also they stink of cheese and make a strange buzzing sound!
You can identify the actors with the most power by the ferocity of the buzzing and the stench of the cheese.

And that reveals the identity of the most powerful actor - that wizard one from Lord of the Rings!


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