Random WOW: ' Least Likely Alien '

Most Coffee Made by a Coffee Machine

Have you ever tried to operate a coffee machine?
I have, and it was a hideous disaster, involving me spraying a jet of boiling steam right into an irritating kid's face!
Luckily for me, he later died.

But had he survived, I would have directed the finger of guilt straight at the machine! With such a multitude of levers and switches, it was more like the main control panel for that moon-sized Star Wars doom sphere, Darth Vader.
Also just like Darth Vader, it was black and hissed a lot!

And since Luke Skywalker was the only man able to understand Darth Vadar's control panel, Andy Chalcross can claim to be the Luke Skywalker of coffee machines - for it was he who was operating said machine during the setting of the WOW for the most coffee made by a coffee machine: 82 cups!


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