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Heaviest Object Lifted with Chopsticks

I can't remember much about my childhood, because my brain doesn't go back that far.
I can't remember my first word. I can't remember my first steps. And I can't even remember my first experience of cutlery.

It must have been very exciting for me. And I'm sure it would have been very similar for you.
If only there was a way that we could re-create that scenario! That would be excellent!


Yes, chopsticks are the answer. They're a new American invention for eating your food in an hilarious manner!

Like chips? You'll like them even more when there are chopsticks in your mouth!

Like sausages? Try them with chopsticks, and you'll be laughing in seconds.

Thirsty? Chopsticks ahoy!


The heaviest object lifted with chopsticks is a tin of prunes.

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