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Most Portraits Drawn

I love drawing portraits. It's great.
If only I had pencils instead of fingers, I could draw portraits effortlessly!
Hooray for pencils!

That is exactly what the famous portrait artist Francis Bacon said when he had finished his very first portrait - a picture of his best friend, Adolf Hitler.

If you wanted Bacon to draw your portrait today, you'd be out of luck. Bacon has turned into a corpse.
But even if he was still alive, Bacon would likely refuse your request - he'd be far too busy. You see, Francis Bacon was an exceedingly slow worker: just 3cm every minute!

You'd be better off commissioning Henry Hamchair to draw your portrait. Henry Hamchair is a very fast worker: as fast as a Ferrari!

Yes, Henry Hamchair is responsible for the most portraits drawn - a staggering 3,223 portraits!

They are all of geese.


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