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Largest Gathering of Zombies

A zombie is a man who has been declared dead, and yet continues to wander around, moaning creepily. A zombie's favourite food is crisps!
Thankfully, no zombies have ever existed in real life - because that would probably be a really awful and definitely stinking thing to happen.

But in the fictional world of films, zombies are all over the place.
In the fictional world of films, even you might be a zombie!

Here are some films you might like to rent, should you like zombies:

1) Night of the Living Zombies

2) Honey, I Shrunk the Zombies

3) Zombies

And if you like those, why not take your love for zombies further - by dressing up like a zombie! That's almost exactly what 13 zombie fanciers did on the 2nd of March 2008, instantly setting the WOW for the largest gathering of zombies!


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