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Funniest Munster

Have you heard of The Addams Family? Yes, you have. Everyone knows The Addams Family!

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysteriously gloopy,
A doopy doopy doopy,
The Addams Family.

That's not just a potentially award-winning poem - it's also The Addams Family theme tune. You might not hear it much any more, but if you somehow managed to travel back in time to 1952, you would hear it everywhere - because The Addams Family was hugely popular in 1952, and also, the television volume control knob had not yet been invented.

This popularity did not go un-noticed. In 1954, television executive Jimmy Hammerhat decided that there the was room in the schedule for another horror/comedy show - and so he created The Munsters!

Like The Addamses, The Munsters were a family of hilarious monsters. There was a Frankenstein, a Dracula, a Werewolf, another Dracula, another Frankenstein, two more Draculas and a baby Dracula!
Every week, The Munsters would drive around in a massive car, and do something humorous involving horror/comedy!

The Funniest Munster is one of the Draculas, because everyone loves a Dracula!

Here is a great Dracula joke:
Q) What does Dracula say instead of 'Thanks a lot'?
A) Dracula never says 'Thanks a lot'. Why would Dracula say 'Thanks a lot'!?

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